Web core HTTPREQUEST oddities!!


A new problem...

I have tested this


    this.WebHttpRequest1Response = function (Sender, AResponse) {
      var txt = "";
      if (AResponse === "SYNC") {
    this.WebHttpRequest1RequestResponse = function (Sender, ARequest, AResponse) {
      var txt = "";
      if (AResponse === "SYNC") {
        this.WebMemo1.FLines.Add("Rq SYNC!");
    this.WebHttpRequest1Timeout = function (Sender) {
      this.WebMemo1.FLines.Add("Timed out");
    this.WebHttpRequest1Abort = function (Sender) {


        this.WebHttpRequest1.FTimeout = 20000;
        this.WebHttpRequest1.FOnAbort = rtl.createCallback(this,"WebHttpRequest1Abort");
        this.WebHttpRequest1.FOnResponse = rtl.createCallback(this,"WebHttpRequest1Response");
        this.WebHttpRequest1.FOnRequestResponse = rtl.createCallback(this,"WebHttpRequest1RequestResponse");
        this.WebHttpRequest1.FOnTimeout = rtl.createCallback(this,"WebHttpRequest1Timeout");

The event code is suppose to just give a sign of life if anything happens..

INITZ is the initzializatrion part according to WebCore
EVENT s the EVENT testing chain according to WebCore

Absolutley nothing happens ever!

        this.WebHttpRequest1.FTimeout = 20000;
I expect this variable to be in milliseconds  ??

Anyone have a better luck ?


  1. Where is your code to execute the request?
    2) If you executed a request, did you inspect if you saw any error in the browser console?

Basically the code is combined under the only button that

exists on the form it's a login.  You fill in name and password
and press the login, that is it.

There is NO error reported at all!!!


I don't see in the above post an execute. Where is the execute?

    this.WebLoginPanel1Login = function (Sender) {
      var Txt = "";
      Txt = " Z=54880 STAGE1=" + this.WebLoginPanel1.GetUser() + "?" + $impl.EnCrypt(this.WebLoginPanel1.GetPassword());
      this.WebHttpRequest1.FURL = Txt;

The routine as compiled !