WEB Core dpk files

Why do not you attach * .dpk files to the installation?


What exact .DPK files are you referring to? There are no known files missing in the distribution. At what point do you have an issue with this?

After installing, I find:


where are the * .dpk corresponding to them?


These packages are precompiled and installed as precompiled packages in the IDE.

I'm used to that:
"Includes full source code"
means full source code with *.dpk.
(Which does not exclude a precompiled).


ALL component source code is included in the registered version.Bruno Fierens2018-12-21 00:33:49

How do I rebuild WEB Core if I make any changes, modifications to the sources?


If you change component source, you only need to rebuild TMSWEBCorePkgLibDXE*.dproj

I can not find any such file after installation.


Please contact us by email.

I discovered why I could not find *.dpk files in the installation for Delphi 10 Settle. In me, "TMS WEB Core Lazarus" and "TMS WEB Core RSXE9" differ only in that in the first in WIN32 there are libraries for DXE12 and in the second DXE9 and additionally files *.hpp.
There are four *.lpk files in both.
The rest of the directories is identical to the byte to byte
Complete confusion.


It is not clear what you want to achieve. Please contact us by email.