Web Core Demo, FNCListBox

Problems with the Web Core, FNCListBox demo:

1. Listbox1 images don't load on FormCreate. To load them you must do a small delay and then call the Listbox load code. You can't put the load code in either form create or form show.

2. The ListBox.Interaction.DragDropMode settings of lmdMove, lmdCopy, and lmdNone don't work properly. I could go into it in detail if you wish. The VCL FNCListbox demo works properly. There are all kinds of problems with the Web Core FNCListbox.

For example, hen the Listboxes are set to lmdMove, clicking the -> button does this:
a. Copies the item to the right listbox. 
b. Leaves the item showing in the left listbox
c. Clicking the item in the left listbox hides the item
d. Clicking any other control shows the item in the left listbox again

The lmdMove and lmdCopy settings appear to work exactly the same as each other.