WEB Core and Business

Will TMS WEB Core and TMS FNC UI Pack appear in the TMS Business Subscription or something similar?


Hi Michal, there are special discounts on TMS FNC Pack and TMS Business for TMS Web Core users already. 

And in that case?, I have TMS FNC UI Pack and TMS Business Subscription.
I mean the price offer of such a set in a two-year package.
And I am also looking forward to working  all of it under Lazarus / fpc.


TMS WEB Core is offered at launch price 295EUR for a few more weeks. After this, the pricing will go to regular pricing. So, you can at this moment still benefit from this discount launch price.

@Bruno, is there any plan to integrate Web Core into Lazarus ?


Please have a look at the following blog post: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/blog.asp?post=489