Web Core / TMemoField, identifier not found "BlobType"

Dear Sirs,

(Delphi Sydney)
Add TWebClientDataset on WebForm and via Field editor add new Memo field. Try to build project. We get error:
identifier not found "BlobType"

object WebClientDataSet1: TWebClientDataSet
Params = <>
Left = 104
Top = 233
object WebClientDataSet1info: TMemoField
FieldName = 'info'
BlobType = ftMemo

.\Core Source\RTL\db.pas: TMemoField is supported. The aditional property BlobType is not.

Kind Regards

This was a shortcoming in pas2js RTL. We will communicate this to the pas2js team.
We have meanwhile added a workaround to it will not longer be blocking.

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