WEB Core 1.5 Lazarus - Panic: internal error: missing executable "TMSWebCompiler.exe"

After a fresh installation of Lazarus and WEB Core 1.5 under Windows, trying to compile my first TMS Web Core Application, I got the error message above.

Turns out the settings for TMS Web Core under Tools->Options need fixing.

All the binaries for Windows are now in $(TMSWebDir)\bin\Win32 (Web Compiler and Web Server) and $(TMSWebDir)\bin\Win32 (Web Runner Win32) or $(TMSWebDir)\bin\Win64 (Web Runner Win64).

It's not a big deal, but the Out of the Box experience suffers a bit.




Thanks for notifying. Yes, we reorganized files for being more consistent between the different operating systems that are supported. We'll look to make these settings for Lazarus specific correct out of the box.