Web Accounts Integration

Hello Bruno and TMS Software Team

I would like to propose that TMS software team create components that work with:

1. QuickBooks Online Accounting software

2. Sage Online Accounting Software

3. Xero Online Accounting Software

4. Zoho Books

5. FreshBooks

6. Wave Financial

7. ClearBooks

and there are for sure, others, but just so that you get the idea.

Along side your new and very exciting "TMS Web" offerings this will open up an interesting market to integrate apps with these online accounting packages.

Clearly a business opportunity for TMS and also delphi desktop developers everywhere to create powerful web apps.

This might then become part of the TMS "Web" offering or the "Cloud" or even a new "Accounting" portfolio of components.

I guess that would be just using their published api's and presenting them in an easy to use manner with TMS components.For things like "Customers", "Suppliers" and "Invoicing" integration etc.

I hope that you can consider this.

Best regards


Thanks for the suggestions.

These are indeed interesting services to interface with.
We'll definitely consider these when we are able to allocate time again after we released TMS WEB Core.


Just to give a taste of numbers of users and the potential market.
(pulled from their own websites and google)

QuickBooks: online has over 2 million subscribers.

Sage One: has (100,000 in UK) not sure about other countries but probably more than a million

Xero:  has over 1 million

Zoho Books:  not sure of the count ( but has over 30 million users across its web apps)

FreshBooks:  ( over 10 million users )

Wave Financial:  ( 2.8 million users )

ClearBooks ( in the thousands and growing )

So clearly a massive market ....
ready to be tapped for apps that integrate with these online accounting packages!



Interesting & staggering numbers!

Thanks for sharing.
If other users are interested, please chime in.

Wish I'd seen this before! Yes - interesting indeed especially with the UK's "Making Tax Digital" push

Yes, I too would find this useful!