Way to determine available resources

I'm using TDBPlanner in MultiResource mode. There are over 200 resources and I need to determine what available resources there are for a specified date and time period.

All resources have many recurring appointments. The SQL query would normally be straight forward but I have no way of determining availability programmatically because of recurring appointments.
Is there a method or other way of determining available resources which takes into account recurring appointments?
Laurence Bevan
New Zealand

If you refer to checks outside the displayed events in the Planner, sorry, on Planner level there is no built-in function for that.

The Planner is positioned on the day in question. The problem is with a large number of resources it is visually difficult for the user to determine which resources are available for a specified time period.

What I'm trying to achieve is populating a list of resources that are available say between 8.30am and 10.00am, and allow the user to pick one and create the appropriate planner item. Can I call a method in the Planner to give me the list of resources?
Laurence Bevan

If this is based on visible day, you'll need to loop through the Planner timeslots and you can use Planner.Items.FindFirst() and check if it returns nil (free slot) for the slots you perform a search for.