VSC: why my main.html is not showing up?

Hi, i have imported a template following steps similar to Jose. And clicked run at the VSC, I can see the page is displaying properly as follow , but at VSCode, i am unable to see the form displayed,

you can check my video and it will show what i meant.

is it because i used other JS, but VSCode can only load electronJS or JQuery etc not other JS framework ?

Or is there anything i have missed ?

Hi, I would like to further ask this question, as i studied the template that i am trying to load, it has a routes.js which the code are as follow,

 routes = [
 		path: '/',
 		componentUrl: './pages/home.html',
 		path: '/widgets/',
 		componentUrl: './pages/widgets.html',

and the HTML files are inside a pages folder which look something like this ,

     <div class="page page=gray" data-name="home">
     return {
                 onPriceChange: function( e, range){ ... }
            on: { ... },

this is a template I copied from framework7.io ,
is it with this kind of js framework, I would not be able to use
TMS Web code ? ( at least not the visual form design way )
Please advice.