Visual inheritence of TMSFNCRibbon


it seems that the TMSFNCRibbon is not usable in TForm inheritence.
Any idea why?

Sorry, at this time form inheritence is not supported. The TTMSFNCRibbonForm is using some special techniques that prevents using form inheritence.

Any chance to enable form inheritance?

It is currently not supported. Research will be needed to see if we can support that in a future version and we will need to allocate time for this research before we can judge how feasible it is.

Throwing my name in the hat -- we would love to have TMSFNCRibbon support visual form inheritance. We are embarking on a new suite of Web Core applications and visual form inheritance will be a great help in managing a consistent user interface.

I spend a whole workday troubleshooting before doing the forum search and finding this topic. Will check the forum first next time :)