VirtualMode and DateTime checking

I'm trying to import data using VirtualMode. (xls.VirtualMode:= True & TCellReader)
Based on the example "\10.API\22.Virtual Mode". 
It works great, but I can't identifying dates.
TCellValueType.DateTime won't help when reading files. Dates are written as Numbers.
Ouitside VirtualMode xls.GetCellVisibleFormatDef  & TFlxNumberFormat.HasDateOrTime can be used.
But this will not work in VirtualMode. Is there any possible solution please?
I found a solution:

procedure TCellReader.OnCellReadAllSheets( const sender: TObject; const e: TVirtualCellReadEventArgs );

procedure processNumber;
      fmt : TFlxFormat;
      s   : String;
      fmt := TExcelFile( Sender ).GetFormat( e.Cell.XF );
      s   := fmt.Format; // 'dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm'
      if TFlxNumberFormat.HasDateOrTime( fmt.Format ) then
        s := 'Cell ' + TCellAddress.Create( e.Cell.row, e.Cell.Col ).CellRef + ' contains a Date and Time'
    .. // s -> 'Cell B11 contains a Date and Time'

Indeed there are no "date" cells in Excel, they are just numbers formatted as dates, so you need to look into the format of the cell (but you might also check that e.Cell.IsNumber, as you could have a string in say a column fomatted as date which is a string, not a date.
Interesting comment, thank you