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I'm developing an app where I'm going to display the image of a product, I do not want to store that image on the device but leave it on the company server. I am using an xData server to fetch the data from the database, but the image is in the file and not in the database. I'm forced to have an Apache-type web server to bring these images or have another way to use the Xdata server itself for this?

You can simple use a XData service operation that returns a TStream and return the file content in that service operation. Some info:

Service Operations Tutorial:

If you really want to return raw files from the disk just like a file server in Apache, you can simply add a Sparkle TStaticModule to your server, in addition to the XData module:

Sparkle TStaticModule:

Trying to use TSparkle, but I can not. See the error please.

what am I doing wrong?


Are you using the latest TMS Sparkle version?

Installing "TMS Sparkle"
    Reading string value: Software\TMSSoftware\TMS Sparkle\InstallDir (80000001)
        Returned value: C:\Delphi DX\TMS\TMS Sparkle
    Reading string value: Software\TMSSoftware\TMS Sparkle\Version (80000001)
        Returned value: 2.1.0

I'll see how to upgrade.