Very slow

I am trying demos, i see demos but they are very slow.

Can you define what exactly is slow?

The initial loading? The execution?
We do not notice any slowness here. Perhaps there is a slow connection to our server from your location?

1- row changing "FNC grid for web demo"
2 - collapse + expand "FNC treeview demo"
3 - freezes "FNC tableview"
4 - loading slow and row changing slow "FNC navigation panel demo"
5- page changing and row/cell changing slow "fnc tabset/pagecontrol demo"

But Good VCL packet and good idea. If performance will be good i can buy this.

What browser do you use to test?
We are aware that the Microsoft Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge browser JavaScript engines are noticeable slower than Chrome or FireFox engines.
Other than this, do you have some specs on the machine with which you tested this as we do not see really noticeable performance issues from here. (testing on Windows 10 machine, i7 CPUs and Chrome browser)

i7, 8GB, 64Bit, Win7 Pro, Firefox
Can I send video.

I tested with Chrome. Everything good with Chrome. But FNC demos are problem with Firefox.

We will retest with FireFox. Are you on an auto-updated latest version of FireFox?

Yes and current version 59.0.3 (64 bit)

I can confirm it is slow on Firefox

We've checked it with FireFox 59.0.3 and it is indeed slower than Chrome. This is in the area of HTML5 CANVAS operations and we'll need to investigate if we can find techniques to make the performance on FireFox better.