Very slow project load from DB

Delphi XE4

I implemented loading projects from a DB. It is working fine, but takes up to 10 seconds to load a very simple project (1 unit, 1 form). It seems it loads the same files multiple times, causing it to take very long.

The only thing that's strange is that the scripter always pass a file-path as part of the filename, then I have to strip the path to just get the filename as the files do not have a path (saved in DB).
Like I said, it works, just very slow.
Am I missing something?

I load like this:

I can try add each file manually if that will help but it seems overkill.


Please post some code or even better, provide a sample project so we can check what's going on. If we could be able to compile and run the project on our side, it will be even more helpful.

I'm having same issues and also some components on the mainform are two times created, we have checked all of our sources but it seems that the scripter loads forms / files two times ... somehow.

If you can't send the project please at least post the code you are using to save/load the project in database. Ten seconds seem to be a long time, even if it's doing it twice.

It was someone else that posted again. :)Our problem seemed because we changed filenames to strip off path when saving to DB. But project file still have full-path filenames. Also even if the file is listed without path, when trying to load the project file, it will pass the filename with a backslash in front, e.g. \MyProject.ssproj instead of saved \MyProj.ssproj
We just changed our code to keep orginal filenames and our problems went away.
When we we striiping filenames, we also encountered files being loaded several times so Zorlu, I suggest just leaving filenames alone if you are altering them when load/save to/from DB.

...I meant \MyProject.ssproj instead of saved MyProject.ssproj

Thanks for the feedback Anton.

Hello Anton, thanks a lot for your tip, was away the last days. So i have read your info today and will test that tomorrow.

Thanks again, Brgds, Yusuf