version history for minor releases


  Where can I find the version history when I update to a new minor release, such as


Usually we consolidate such history in a major version release, but here you go:

- New: option to display relationship description/caption in diagram
- New: support for TGuid properties and Guid/Uuid generators in Aurelius export
- Improved: SQLite reverse engineering sets a default size for varchar and decimal data types, when not specified
- Improved: better detection of Firebird/Interbase database server version
- Improved: Clearer message when updating Data Modeler to avoid confusion with Windows/Data Modeler restart
- Improved: Firebird now differentiates unique indexes from unique constraints
- Improved: Better error message when trying to use unsupported versions of MySQL server
- Fixed: issues with SQLite reverse engineering (incorrect SQL parsing)
- Fixed: Access Violation in Aurelius source code generator (automatic report)
- Fixed: When adding new trigger, syntax was incorrect for Firebird database
- Fixed: Uncommon error when importing Firebird databases (RDB$DESCRIPTION column unknown)
- Fixed: Aurelius source generator now generates Int64 properties for database fields of type BIGINT and equivalents
- Fixed: Aurelius exporting foreign key fields that were part of primary key was incorrect when the property name was being changed manually by the user
- Fixed: Multi-line descriptions now handled correctly when exporting to Aurelius classes
- Fixed: Script viewer window now being presented correctly in multi-monitor desktops
- Fixed: Wrong Alter Table statement in Firebird databases (add non-nullable column)
- Fixed: Importing SQLite databases with spaces in table Name
- Fixed: All automatic error reports

Any idea when you will add support for the Sequence attribute in the export of classes?

Will not take long, probably in next release.