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Since I updated to ver, I keep getting the error "Cannot create file ...... TMSDeDXE5.rpt" in the TMS component pack installation folder when I launch Delphi XE5.. For historical reasons, the installation folder is located under Prgram Files (WIN7) and it will remain as that. Previous TMS component pack versions did not cause this error. What happened? What should I do? Thanks.

1) There is absolutely nothing in the installation procedure that changed between and (or any other 7.x version in fact), so our install procedure CAN NOT be the reason for this problem.

2) Source code for compilation DOES NOT belong under \Program Files.

3) The problem you encounter must be related to write permissions in the folder where TMSDEDXE5.rpt is generated by Delphi XE5. Check for these permissions in the XE5 output folder or start Delphi XE5 with admin privileges.

4) Refrain from posting the same question via a webforum and direct email at the same time. It only increases our workload and as such, decreases response times for customers.