The ASGFLTR.RES included in the VCL UI Pack contains icons and overwrite the application icon in a delphi 7 application.I need to delete the icons containded in this file for having the correct application icon displayed.

This problem occured since a while already.
VCL UI Pack version
Are you sure you are only having the latest ASGFLTR.RES as this contains bitmap resources only.

I did a full uninstall/reinstall. After that, I had to delete the icon again. That's mean the file was installed with the new installation I guess.

You could verify yourself that the .RES file is not having ICO files and scan your hard disk for possible old versions and delete these.

The .RES file installed by the installer contains Bitmaps and Icons.

I cannot see any evidence of this.
Please contact us by email and send this file.