VCL subscription target IDEs and OS

Just wondering if anyone has a list of what each of the packs in the VCL subscription is set for.

Something like:

Component pack does Delphi 7 through the latest version, both 32 bit and 64 bit.
Mail merge only handles up to Delphi 2010, 32 bit only.

I was wondering because I am trying to update programs started back in 1996 so that they are capable of both 32 bit and 64 bit, and I currently use Delphi XE7.  I am trying to replace all of my other components with those from TMS and reducing my outlay for multiple vendors.  I am happy to see the non-visual items in the Instrumentation Workshop, as they replace MANY of the components I have come to rely on.  (Directory watches, searches, run-once controls, etc).  

Are there any of the packs that are end-of-life and will NOT be updated to 32/64 bit options?

Thanks for any information you have.

Sorry, I reposted this topic, as my browser said the connection had timed out.