VCL Styles-Mouse Wheel-V Scroll Bar Issue

Scrolling with the mouse wheel does not work properly with advstringgrid when a VCL style is enabled (I tested with Luna). To see the problem, drop an advstringgrid on a form and set the number of rows to a large value (e.g., 100). Set the VCL style to Luna and run the program. Click on a cell and then use the mouse wheel to scroll down. RESULT: The Vertical scroll bar does not update as the wheel is turned. If you then pass the mouse over the scroll bar, it will update to the correct position. 

This issue of course does not happen when styles are not enabled. I did not test whether there are any issues with the H scroll bar. Also, I noted that Advmemo does not have this scrolling problem when a VCL style is used, so hopefully fixing the grid will not be difficult.

Thank you!

We fixed this. Next update will address this.