VCL MultiColumn ChecklistBox ?

Is such a component available in the component pack?

Or should I use another component?

We'd suggest TAdvStringGrid where you can set a checkbox in each cell and thus can easily create a multicolumn checklist.

Alternatively, if you need the checkbox only in one column and multiple columns of text, you could use also our TAdvTreeView setup with:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender:
  c: TAdvTreeViewColumn;
  n: TAdvTreeViewNode;
  I: Integer;

  c := AdvCheckedTreeView1.Columns.Add;
  c.Text := 'Col 1';
  c := AdvCheckedTreeView1.Columns.Add;
  c.Text := 'Col 2';
  c := AdvCheckedTreeView1.Columns.Add;
  c.Text := 'Col 3';

  AdvCheckedTreeView1.NodesAppearance.LevelIndent := 0;
  AdvCheckedTreeView1.NodesAppearance.ExpandWidth := 0;
  AdvCheckedTreeView1.NodesAppearance.ExpandHeight := 0;
  AdvCheckedTreeView1.NodesAppearance.ShowLines := False;
  AdvCheckedTreeView1.NodesAppearance.SelectionArea := tsaFull;

  for I := 0 to 9 do
    n := AdvCheckedTreeView1.Nodes.Add;
    n.CheckTypes[0] := tvntCheckBox;
    n.Text[0] := 'Item ' + inttostr(I);
    n.Text[1] := 'Item ' + inttostr(I);
    n.Text[2] := 'Item ' + inttostr(I);


Thanks for great suggestions ....

I can only excuse myself - for not explaining clearly.

The amount of elements in the list varies (5 - 50) and hence the gui design leaves me with little choise. One check/text for each element. And when resizing the form, the desired result would be more or less columns ... 

TCheckListbox (the old original component) can do this - but I was hoping for at TMS replacement.

There is no direct replacement. With TAdvStringGrid you'd need to reorganize the cells/columns when the grid resizes.

OK. Thanks for the suggestions.

Maybe we will see this in a later release? :-)

There is actually something that goes in this direction but with several more features in the works and where you won't need to manipulate CheckListBox.Columns from the form OnResize event.