VaCapture or OnRxChar


I am using VaComm and VaCapture components for serial communication with Industrial computers.

But I am having problems with the communication. It looks like I am missing parts of the information.

So, my question is: Should I use the VaCapture component in receiving the information, or is it better to use the OnRxChar event on the VaComm component?

In all your examples you use the VaComm and not the VaCapture.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Paul

VaCapture is designed to trigger and even when a specified pattern of data is received.
OnRxChar can be used to just receive any information from VaComm. So, it will depend on your use case what the best method is.

Bruno, thank you for your answer.

So there is no difference in speed when using VaCapture?

Kind regards, Paul

There is no difference in speed that can matter to typical serial communication speeds.