v2.3.6717 Why TMS WEB CORE ADD a style in a body

Why TMS WEB CORE STUDIO ADD a style in a body page when we don't asking for ?
I can't remove this ! Why ?

Now CoreStudio add the form height in body form even if we manage with own css.

How I can return to old version ?

Please !!!

When the main form is full page, the form color needs to be applied for example

Why this new obligation ?

This is not a new obligation. When a user sets form.Color, the user expects the form uses the color set.

But I don’t talk about color but the height
With the previous version everything was okay.
Now you add a body tag in my main form with a style who contrains à style height value
I don’t need this.
I want to keep a full size form
Thank you

Why force a body tag in main form..
If I define my own you write over it. And I lose all my tag.

Please let me return to previous version.
It's urgent because I need to debug my SPA before Monday !!!

No answer for this bug ?????
Thank you !

If you need to return back to a previous TMS WEB Core version, please, check this link, and ensure you disable extensions auto update:

Thank you. Yes it's my default config. But I thinked find old version in my acompt.

But how to know if a version is correct if you don't install it ?

For the last version, i consider my problem as a bug.
I'm agree if you create a TMS Direct Form you can generate form style using dfm definition, but if you use a standard TMS Form I think that it's the HTML definition must be used.
I'm desappointed, because I've lost 1 day to find this bug.
Do you think reverse this feature ? Or add a params to bypass this forced style definition.

Thank you

We fixed this regression. The next update will address this.

A new version was released

Hi Bruno,
It's always buggy !!
The last version not corrected the bug.
Thank you

Please isolate this and provide a sample source project with which we can reproduce this. We retested it with several demos here and could not see a height attribute added to BODY

What's the number of last version ?

If v2.3.6735 apli compil but don't want start !

I think if you talk about V2.6735 you don't start a spa project from scrach and testing because this version add a style height tag with the ide form height.
I' ve just start a new api push a button on the form start api under chrome F12 you see that you have always the style height tag forced.
Thank you

Here the same problem with the last version.

Adding Self.HeightStyle:=TSizeStyle.ssAuto; in the OnCreate event works for me but I agree that this should not be necessary.

Thanks Ken,
I agree with you for the solution but 2 versions to correct this is a bit much no ?

I wasted half a day when it first appeared and it's a important for me.

I think this property should only be applied for direct forms.

I don't know but maybe sending a preview version to VS Code users before going live would be nice to.

Thank you for everything.


If you do not provide a sample source project + clear steps with which we can reproduce your problem, all we can do is guess what you do and work on that. And a guess remains a guess.