Using WebBroker for IIS

I see there are instructions for creating an Apache based server using WebBroker, can the same instructions be used to make an IIS WebBroker too?

Unfortunately not yet, only Apache is supported. We are investigating to see the possibility of adding ISAPI support as well in a future version. For Windows it's always recommended to use our regular http.sys server, it's stable, fast and use same kernel as IIS.

a pity. we have a whole host of shizzle running on IIS so it would be great if this would too. Don't really want to get into port mapping, rewrites etc. and of course for our clients we have the ssl set up on IIS

You should not need to go into port mapping, or rewrites and you can use your ssl setup. Sparkle http.sys-based web server works smoothly with iis running, it works almost just as another site/virtual server/directory you might have in IIS.


Is there any news about IIS support?  Its because of Azure.

Not yet. We have started it but got stuck into some WebBroker limitations. We're investigating how to work around it.

any update on this?

Still not supported.