Using two or more TEditLink with popup style


I've found a potential random crash when using two or more TEditLink with popup style.

When the second Editlink's FPopupForm is instantiated,  the first one is Destroyed but the FPopupForm isn't reset as nil.
So when displaying the first Editlink it crash.

But most of the time, the second FPopupForm is instantiated on the same memory Address,  so the two EditLink share the same TForm and don't crash.

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Exemple project!ULxkxYIA!KA8hemt9kK3c3WlNAurmg6YkxnFdJNynQOhXKsfUuuU


procedure TAdvStringGrid.ShowEditControl(ACol,ARow: Integer);
   if (EditLink.FPopupForm = nil) then
            PForm := Application.FindComponent('gridform');
            if Assigned(PForm) then

              EditLink.FPopupForm := TForm.Create(Application);
               EditLink.FPopupForm.Name := 'gridform';
      EditLink.FPopupForm.Left := pt.x; //<- FPopupForm freed

We have applied a fix for this. The next update will address this.