I have hooked up this component to my TTIWAdvWbGrid but when I run the code:   PDFProducer.PDFExport('TestResultPDF.pdf',webapplication,true); The file that gets downloaded is a real mess with 13 pages (one per column plus 1. What preliminary work has to be done before requesting a file to be generated?
Help welcomed,
Jim Cater

Ok I have managed to get it going - I was populating the cells directly rather than via the get cell data event. I had assumed that the PDF component would take what was already in the grid, but no it rereads all the data from the events. I converted the Grid to use events and hey presto some results. A few issues now (1) the columns don't resize to the contents like the Grid can - this seems to be insurmountable because the PDF page is generated in HTML (please correct me if I'm wrong) and (2) I always seem to get a heading and a subheading line even though I only want a heading line. Any thoughts?


Unfortunately both points you mentioned are limitations of the current TTIWAdvWebGridPDFIO control.