Using TFolderDialog


when using the TFolderDialog it opens the tree to the Level of the Folder, that is in the Directory Parameter. So far - so good, but it does not scroll the tree in vertical, that this Folder is visible (when it is deeper down in the tree).

The Basic XE4 "SelectDirectory" functions does (but it cannot browse for drives and I have to include the edit control and Need to open the box 2 times to select a Folder on a different drive). Is it a Problem of my Parameters, or a Feature of the class, that it does not scroll the selected Folder into the visible area ?


procedure TFormSettings.BtnSelectSourceClick(Sender: TObject);


SelectFolder.Caption := 'Ordner einstellen';

SelectFolder.Title := 'Verzeichnis für Bilder auswählen';

SelectFolder.Directory := TempDefaults.PictureDirectory;

SelectFolder.Options := [fdoBrowseForComputer,fdoNewDialogStyle];

if SelectFolder.Execute then


    TempDefaults.PictureDirectory := SelectFolder.Directory;

    SourcePath.Caption := MinimizeName(TempDefaults.PictureDirectory, DestPath.Canvas, 522);



This is a Windows bug

We implemented a workaround for this bug and next update will have this workaround.

Thanks a lot.