using Tables in scripter

I try to write my first script with atPascalFormScripter:

- adding new Form in  the Delphi-IDE
- placing a TButton, a TTable and a atPascalFormScripter on it.
- in the SourceCode I can access the Button's properties (i.e. Caption := 'xy'), set the Table'e Databasename, Tablename but I can not use methods (i.e. Table1.Open. Table1.Active := true works, but Table1.Open gives an error "unknown member identifier). How can I use the methods of a component in the script-code?
Thanks, Peter 

Open is a method and need to be registered. Easiest way is to add ap_DB.pas unit to your delphi project and then use DB unit in your script (uses DB;).

Thanks for your help, it works. But is there any documentation that tells me things like that? Didn't find it in

The manual mention how to use script-based libraries (which you use by adding them to "uses" clause). Most of the VCL is imported as script-based libraries, there is almost a direct mapping to Delphi units - DB -> ap_DB, etc.