Using sort properties in TIWAdvWebGrid

Dear sirs,

In your TIWAdvWebGrid component you included a sort function; thats fine! BUT: There is a boolean property "AsyncSort" and a Column boolean property "CanSort". Why don't you use it? I have to add a "MyGrid.SortSettings.Show = true" line manually and set the Columns "CcolumHeaderClick" property to true for activating the sort function.

imho it would be much easyer when:

- using property "CanSort" instead of "ColumnHeaderClick" to enable sorting for a column
- using property "AsyncSort" to activate automatic sorting


grid.SortSettings.Show is the general property to enable both the capability to click on column headers to start a sort and to show a sort indicator in the grid column header.  AsyncSort then defines whether sorting is either synchronous or not synchronous. We cannot really change this behavior as it would break existing apps of customers.