using scripter stdio and workflow stdio together

we bought workflow component 2 years ago

now we want to use this component in our software

i have 2 problem

1- the import folder libraries like ap_sysutils gone away

2- workflow scripter was Inherited From TwfCustomScripter in old version was inherited from TCustomScripter 

if i want to use scripter stdio should i add classed and libraries again

thanks in advanced

We have answered through e-mail.

I join the question...

One solution is replace the builtin Workflow scripter by the one provided in TMS Scripter. Here attached is the modified wsScripter.pas unit that uses TMS Scripter instead of the internal scripter. You can replace the unit and recompile the packages, or maybe use a different unit name and make sure to set the unit order so that the initialization section of the new unit is executed after the original wsScripter one.

wsScripter.pas (14.7 KB)