Using Report Variable in Filter


We have defined some report variables (e.g. CompanyCode) and I would like to filter one of my inbound datasets using this value. Something like:


Where client company is a field on the dataset and companywide is my report variable.

If I say ClientCompany=CompanyCode it looks for a field on a dataset called CompanyCode and barfs, likewise if I use #CompanyCode.

Is this possible, if so what is the correct usage too make it work?


It should work as in any other place. Just write


I've just tested in the "20.Range Reports" demo: I changed the filter in the config sheet to be Discontinued=<#IsDiscontinued>

And then added the report variable:
ordersReport.SetValue("IsDiscontinued", false);

And it is working as expected. What error do you see when using <#CompanyCode> syntax?


Not sure what was happening last night but this morning the following works:


The quotes matter as is a string and without them it looks for a data column 'C01' when the code is 'C01'.

Thanks for your help