using rem objects sdk

We are using remobjects sdk server for our systems.

Should we try to use it with web core, which would be very elegant, using 
perhaps the JS-Interface from RO. Or is there any show-stopper in sight?

As i have seen, JS code can be integrated by ASM parts. I did not look how to use params/results
but i would like to try it if there is no reason that it does not work in principle.

On the other hand, we could use TMS (data), but our app servers do not create relational data, perhaps i should investigate how to do it with TMS tools.


If Remobjects SDK has a REST API interface, that should be usable from a TMS WEB Core application. You can use the WebHttpRequest component for this and there is also Pascal based JSON parsing you can do. See unit WEBLib.REST.
If there is functionality missing in the JSON parsing, you can indeed also use JavaScript directly from ASM blocks

RemObjectsSDK has REST support (see HTTPApi)

wat is the difference between TWebHttpRequest and TWebRESTClient?

TWebRESTClient isn't documented and i can't look in sources

TWebHttpRequest is the basic wrapper around the Javascript XmlHttpRequest() command to perform HTTP requests. TWebRESTClient builds further on this and has built-in methods to facilitate REST OAUTH handling.