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Please forgive me if I ramble somewhat!

I want to use nxServer from a TMS Web App. nxServer itself has a TRemoteDBServer built into it. This works fine using a VCL/Firemonkey app in conjunction with a TRemoteDBDatabase but in a Web app TRemoteDBDatabase is not available. I have tried using a TXDataWebConnection to connect but I seem to be running into Cors issues that I have so far not been able to resolve by modifying the nxServer source. I asked the nexusDB support guys for help but they were unable to help.

I have created my own VCL nxServer windows service app as I think this will be easier for me to modify. This works perfectly as a server to multiple Nexus databases. What is my best next step to add multiple database access from a Web app? I am unsure whether to use XData or Aurelius.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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RemoteDB is not available for Web client applications, indeed. You will have to create a XData server as the middle tier between the Web client and the NexusDB server. Your Web app will connect to XData via HTTP/JSON (it's a REST server), and XData itself will connect to the NexusDB server.

Thanks. Ive managed to do this fine.

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