Using NFT.Storage JavaScript Module


I'm trying to use a different library for uploading images to IPFS see All of the information about this seems to be using NPM.

I have tried the following:

<script type="module">
   import { NFTStorage } from "";

But when I then use:

const storage = new NFTStorage({"token": APItoken });

I get the console error "NFTStorage is not defined".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I see already an error thrown on the bundle.esm.min.js lib:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'export'

so, the browser has an issue with the code in this js lib.
Are you sure this is for browser usage and not for node.js usage?

If I put the following in index.html after </body>

  <script type="module">
    import { NFTStorage } from "";
    const store = new NFTStorage({ token: "MY API KEY" });

the class is found. So my question is how can I then use the class NFTStorage in javascript in a form?

Have you tried to access store from an ASM block in the form's code?

I don't want to include this code there, it was just an example. This works but is not very elegant:

 <script type="module">
    import { NFTStorage } from "";
    window.myNFTStorage = NFTStorage;

and then where I want to use it i use:

const storage = new window.myNFTStorage({ token: APItoken });

I do not know this particular library and as such, I'm not an expert in how to use this NFTStorage lib.
Assisting with this can be offered as custom consulting service.

Thanks. Using it is not a problem as I have quite a lot of experience regarding NFT's. My problem was just how to make it usable in Web Core which I seem to have managed but not very elegantly!