Using LastURLEntry in Update Builder


Having never played with registry setting in Delphi (always stuck with .ini files) is it possible to get a screen shot of how the LastURLEntry properties might be setup?



Save:    (What does this do?)


Any suggested areas of the registry to use?


Bob Kondner

Key is the value of the key in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, so it could be something like 


Section is the value under which to store, could be "MyValue"

so, that would store the value under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER</span>Software\MyCompany\MySoftware\MyValue = Value


Two Questions:

   1 Do I need to initially create and initialize this registry entry or will TWebUpdate create it?

   2 If the registry entry does not exist and I use the .DoUpdate method will the update always happen? (I do have LastURLEntry.Save set to true in the object inspector.)


Bob K.

  1. TWebUpdate will create it when it doesn't exist
    2) When the registry key does not exist, it will always perform the update the first time