Using JSON library from Business Core Library

I'm writing this here, in the XData section, because the Business Core Library does not have its own section.
I am looking for a fast library to interprete and write JSON, because the one Delphi supplies sucks. I noticed that you use your own library and that it is in the Business Core Library.

First question: can it be used for other purposes than XData (de)serialisation and if yes, is there some kind of manual to start quickly.

Second question: is it available under Linux as well as under Windows (I guess it is, because XData is available in Linux).

Yes, it can be used for generic purpose - actually personally I only use it myself for every library and application that needs JSON handling.
Yes, it's available for all supported Delphi platforms, and we are now looking to support it also in TMS Web Core.
Unfortunately, no documentation yet. The only parts of Sparkle and XData documentation that refer to it are here: (the section about PODO objects)

Of course you can try to read the source code or use code completion to try to use it. We plan to document those internal classes eventually, but, as I said, no such thing right now.

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Hi Wagner,

Thanks for your reply. I have studied some of the source code, but it's a bit too complicated for me to use for now. I have decided to go with the JSON-library from WinSoft, that is supplied with Delphi 10.4. It's very fast en easy to use.

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