Using Blox (Version Control poor performance

The performance ist showing to be very poor, on different browsers and computers.

It takes several seconds before i can move or even click an object in the supllied demos.

I tried on two different machines and with different browsers (Edge, Chrome and Firefox)

Any idea what is wrong ?


There could be some delay due to the fact that the drawing and processing is done in the browser.
I don't know the specs of your system, but when we test these demo's on our system it is only a small delay.

We do notice a correlation with the delay based on the size of the window and the number of elements in the grid. Therefor we advise to use the desktop frameworks if you want to create flowcharts with a lot of resources.

Good Morning,

after a little bit of try and error, it seems that the SnapGrid is the performance killer. If i switch it off, performance gets a lot better.
Changing to a VCL dektop application is not possible, the customer wants it to be a web application :slight_smile:

So this is a possible workaround, but i would prefer that there will be a solution to this problem as sonn as possible.