Using AdvGridExcelIO and std::auto_ptr<TAdvStringGrid>

I am using CB 10.4.2 VCL 64bit for Windows 10. I am using AdvStringGrid I am creating an AdvStringGrid with std::auto_ptr. When I assign the ASG named "ASG_Temp" to the component AdvGridExcelIO I get the error: no viable conversion from 'std::auto_ptr' to 'Advgrid::TAdvStringGrid *'

Is it possible to use std::auto_ptr and AdvGridExcelIO?

std::auto_ptr"<"TAdvStringGrid">" ASG_Temp( new TAdvStringGrid( MainForm ) );
ASG_Temp->Parent = MainForm;
ASG_Temp->Visible = false;
ASG_Temp->RowCount = 5;

MainForm->AdvGridExcelIO->AdvStringGrid = ASG_Temp; //ERROR HERE

I have not used std::auto_ptr before.
AdvGridExcelIO.AdvStringGrid expects that an object of the type TAdvStringGrid is assigned.
This isn't anything specific to our code or classes, this is just standard Delphi assignment.
Maybe you need to cast ASG_Temp to TAdvStringGrid