Use TMS Cloud as a service

We have the demand of a customer to create a synchronisation between the scheduler in our application and the individule schedules of the users in Outlook 365.
Can TMS Cloud be used to create a service that will synchronise the data on timed intervals.
The service would run every half hour and post the changes made in the software to Outlook 365 and read the changes made in Outlook 365 and save them in the customers database to be displayed in the application.

Thank you.
Bernaert Dominique

That is indeed a possible use case of TMS Cloud.
We know other users who use it this way or who use it to transfer agendas from Outlook to Google Calendar or vice versa.

Thx Bruno.

What is preferrable then, the VCL version or the FNC version?
The service would run on a Windows server in a datacenter.


Long term, we recommend FNC, its architecture is more advanced.
Note that in FNC, preferred way to use it is with async calls (to avoid any possible blocking behavior), so, that might require some special attention to the coding at application level.