Use TDictionary inside script

Hi again to everybody.

Today I've a question about dictionary.
I've a function that return a TDictionary object as result. It is structured like this:

TDictionary<AnsiString, Boolean>

I've added the class the use this function to the Scripter in this way:

IDEScripter.DefineClassByRTTI(TdmData, 'TdmData', [mvPublic, mvPublished],
True, roNone);

But the question is: how can I define a variable that collect my dictionary inside the script? 
In particular I've a form (in the script) that call this function through a button click event.


Hello Eros,

I'm afraid I didn't understand the question - mainly the relation between the Dictionary, TdmData, the function and the variable.
In theory you just register the specialized generic class as any other class, and use it as you want.
If you are just asking about the identifier of the variable, you can simply declare it without type:

var MyDic;