Use subcription manager after manual install

Trying to install from subscription manager.

WIn7, for both RadStudio Seattle and Berlin.

I had previously installed a trial edition, and uninstalled that.

When the announcement was made that it is now available from TMS, I downloaded and installed the full version.

FixInsight then showed up in the subscription manager - I'd rather manage updates with the manager.

As per instructions, I first uninstalled the manually installed copy.

Subscription manager downloads FixInsight, but does not actually install it.

cleared out all registry entries, files and folders that had
"fixinsight" reference. Still cannot get subscription manager to install
this for me (and  btw, I have the same issue with Data Modeler).

What steps do I need to take to overcome my manual install and let subscription manager "do it's thing" for me?


Sorry, it has not yet been integrated in TMS Subscription Manager that it will auto install from there. We recommend to download the installer from our website and apply the license file so TMS FixInsight will run in full registered version mode.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'd started to think I'd lost my marbles there when the install kept failing on me!