use of FMX comps on TMSFMXNativeUITabBarController


I have a TMSFMXNativeUITabBarController, on which I placed a mapview (TMS, alClient) and a TToolbar (FMX, alTop). When I run the application then the mapview is displayed correctly, but the toolbar is displayed as a white area of the right size. 

What could be the reason for this?

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You can use a TToolBar inside a TMSFMXNativeUITabBarController with an FMX Wrapper component. You need to place the TToolBar top aligned in a separate form and link that to a FMX Wrapper, included is a sample that demonstrates this, you will also need to apply some additional settings for the form since the form can only be display full size, for a TToolBar only a small portion of the form is needed when it is embedded in a TMSFMXNativeUITabBarController.

The reason for this is actually the same as the MapView inside a TabControl, FireMonkey controls and native iOS controls cannot be mixed by default. the TMS iCL controls set only uses the iOS library implementations of FireMonkey but aren't actually FireMonkey controls. The difference is that FireMonkey controls are simulated and drawn on the root view and iCL controls are 100% real iOS controls.

I would actually recommend to use a TMSFMXNativeUIToolBar since you are already using a TMSFMXNativeMKMapView and a TMSFMXNativeUITabBarController.

Using the TMS iCL Controls has the advantage that they are 100% real, native controls look and performance wise. 

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