Use Facebook access token directly


I'd like to make a call directly to the Graph API, like:

TAdvFacebook has a method TAdvFacebook.TokensAsString, but the call is rejected saying that the access_token is not valid. Writing it into a Memo field i see:


It seems to have some more chars than expected.
How can I get a clean access_token to use it in a direct call and the to parse the JSON myself?


Please note that the TokensAsString returns an encrypted value which can't be used in API calls.

The decrypted value of the access token is not public for security reasons.

Thank you for your answer. Then how can I make a direct call to the Graph API?

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to make custom API calls using the access token.

However we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version of the TMS Cloud Pack.

But that encryption is made by TMS, right? Is it your choice to not let users use it?