Usage of TMSFMXNativeLocalAuthentication

I have questions about the usage of TMSFMXNativeLocalAuthentication, because page 177 doesn't help me.

First question:
I have an app, which uses a password protected database. Now I want to use the Touch ID to open the database easilier. How do I get the password in event AuthenticateSuccess, when the user uses the Touch ID? The problem is I need this password to decode the data.

Second question:
On page 177 I can see the option "Enter Password". How can I show this option?



The LocalAuthentication is used to prompt the user with a login dialog or touch ID, which is linked to the iOS profile, so the user needs to enter the password of his iOS device profile account, or use the touch ID. You cannot retrieve the password, the local authentication dialog is used to determine if the user has succesful authenticated or not.

Okay, I understand. But can you tell me, how other apps works, like password apps?

They use a password to encode the data, but the user can use the TouchID to enter the database and decode the data. For this the app needs the password to decode the data. And I know, because of the safety, the password isn't saved in the database directly.

So, how do that work?

Its unclear exactly how other applications work, but the local authentication component is a simple password or touch id popup that simply returns a success or failure. There is no way to retrieve the password the user has entered, it is tied to the user profile. If you have other applications that ask for a password, I suppose that this is a custom popup and not related to local authentication.