URI Path segment


I am developing a REST service with XData for a integration where for the construction of the URI path of services and methods I have to follow some specifications.

For example I need to create a service with this path:



/resources/countries: is the service

autorities is the method

and {authorityCode} -  {countryId} are the parameters.

For create the service uri path is simple. In my countries services interface i add URIPathSegment attribute:


My problem is for the method. I need to get the following path:


How can I do with XData?

Another sample is this:



/resources/healthcare: is the service

companies: is the method

{companyCode} is the param and /exams/brances is the resource where in post I send the json data

Thank you very much

In this services I not use Aurelius but DTO and FireDAC

I tried to define URIPathSegment in the method:


This would work but at the end of the path the parameters they are further added even if they have already been linked.

The resutl is:


That's currently not possible to map such URLs directly to specific methods. We're working on such feature and it will be included in a near future version, if not the very next one, then probably the one after it.

For now, the workaround would be creating parameters for the fixed path itself, i.e., you define a parameter like "option: string" and check for it:

if option = 'ids' then
  // correct URL
  // raise error 404

Hi Wagner

many thanks!!!

While waiting for the new version I will use your workaround!

Thank you very much and best Regards

Hi Wagner

any news for this functionality?

Best Regards

Hi Claudio, not yet, sorry.