Upload function in a thread


for descendents of TTMSFMXCloudStorage, i would like to put
the Upload function in a separate thread, and also use the
OnProgressUpload event to show something similar to a progress bar to
the user. I thought to "Thread.Synchronize" in some way the progress bar
update (at this time i don't know precisely how to make it).

I have searched through your code, and i've seen that

procedure TTMSFMXCloudBase.DoUploadProgress(Filename: string; position, total: int64);
  if Assigned(OnUploadProgress) then

makes a   "Application.ProcessMessages" call.

is right to assume that i can't make the Upload function in a separate
thread ? Maybe i can create a derived TTMSFMXCloudStorage class to
change the behaviour of the ancestor's DoUploadProgress, to make it
"thread safe" ?

Sorry if i'm not so clear, at the moment i'm looking for the best way to approach the problem.

Thanks in advance !!!



Unfortunately the Upload function is currently not thread safe.
We'll have to investigate if this feature can be added in a future version of the TMS FMX Cloud Pack.