Updated FMX Cloud Pack from to

I'm getting runtime error 217 after compiling apps using FMX Cloud Pack . In debug I get an error in FMX..TMSCloudWebBrowser.Win in routine:

procedure RegisterWebBrowserService;
  if not TPlatformServices.Current.SupportsPlatformService(ITMSFMXCloudWebBrowserService, IInterface(WebBrowserService)) then
    WebBrowserService := TTMSFMXWinCloudWebBrowserService.Create;
    TPlatformServices.Current.AddPlatformService(ITMSFMXCloudWebBrowserService, WebBrowserService);

Class TTMSFMXWinCloudBrowserService does not support interface (9F 1F0F10-A4C8-4E-BB08-86F0C42E93C4 
I am not using Cromium andymore and do not comment // Define CROMIUMOFF . In previous version evgerything ran fine without chromium.
Thank you,
Bob Carson

Please disregard this message. After testing with Berlin (DX10.1) I did not have the same problem. So after deleting the Win32 Folder and recompilng the app using DC10 Seattle. Everything now works fine.