UpdateBuilder integration in FinalBuilder


I just tried to integrate the UpdateBuilder Action in FinalBuilder 8.0 (like described in the manual) and now I get the following Error Message when starting FinalBuilder:

ERROR while loading FinalBuilder package C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalBuilder 8\ActionDefs\UpdateBuilder.fbap :    
Action [Compile UpdateBuilder Project] had no serialize as value   

Do You have any advice?


Is there an answer to this, I have the same problem?


We do not actively work with FinalBuilder anymore for this UpdateBuilder project.
UpdateBuilder can execute the build by starting the EXE directly with the UpdateBuilder project name as command line parameter. This is the command you should be able to invoke from any build tool, including FinalBuilder.

Thank you for the clarification, that should work for me. FYI: the WebUpdate manual still says that FinalBuilder is supported.