UpdateBuilder and EdgeSupport

Hello TMS,

i want to use TAdvWebbrowser with EdgeSupport in my application. I must deliver the edge-files to system32 or/and to syswow64. How can i do that by UpdateBuilder. I haven't found any documantation about the TargetDir [sys].

It is not a must to deploy these files in the Win32 / SysWow64 folders. You can deploy the DLL (in 32bit if your app is a Win32 app and in 64bit of your app is a Win64 app) along with your EXE in its install folder.
If you want for any reason to deploy in system32 you can set {SYS} as target directory for the Win32 DLL. You could use something like {SYSWOW64} for the 64bit DLL and with the event WebUpdate.OnConvertPrefix, return the syswow64 path for this prefix.

Thank's Bruno, seems to work.