Unnamed Components compiling

Unnamed Components are compiling and this of course leads to unpredictable results.


  1. Leave 'Name' value empty in the Object Inspector for TWEbButton, TWebPanel for example.
  2. Compile
  3. Run

Unnamed component should be picked up at Compile Time.

Sorry, in the browser DOM this does not make sense, elements need be able to be uniquely identified. It is not supported.

Exactly. It does not make sense. That is what I am saying.

To be clear, I am not saying Unnaned components need to be supported. I am saying the opposite.

An Unnamed component (done in error for example) should raise an Error at Compile Time.

A Use Case example follows:

Delphi works strangely sometimes. For example, when changing the value of a Property in the Object Inspector Delphi sometimes jumps to another Property field as one types and the action is affected elsewhere instead.

On two occasions in the past few days I have had this happen as I hit Delete on the ElementClass property and the 'Name' property was cleared instead.

As you rightly said, it makes no sense to compile an Unnamed Component as that is a Mandatory requirement and the Compiler should detect and alert this type of Error.



Logical 27

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I will communicate this to the compiler team.