uninstall / update TMS bundle

  1. I install many TMS component on my Rad Studio 11.3 (Delphi). Now I want to upgrade to Rad Studio 12. Do I need to uninstall each single TMS package on my Settings/Apps/Installed apps (Windows11) separately? Is there a quicker method? I also TMSSubscriptManager.

  2. By the way, if a TMS package updates, do I need to uninstalls that package first, before I can update the new version through the TMSSubscriptManager?

Thanks for help

Run uninstall and then run install of the newest version from TMS Subscription Manager and opt to install for all Delphi versions you want to use the new version with.


I have uninstalled Rad Studio 11.3 already but did not run the uninstallers for my tms component sets. Now when I try to install the components in Rad Studio 12, it tells me to uninstall the previous versions. When I run the uninstallers, they just sit there and never show progress. 0% CPU and no disk activity. Is there a way to run a clean-up or clear the previous version out so the installers will run on the new Rad studio? The TMS Business set did fine in this situation. But VCL and FMX will not uninstall now.


Please disregard my question above. I just needed to leave the installer alone long enough. I ran it and went to eat and came back and it had finished. It just showed no activity while it was actually working fine. Might be something to think about. Even if it's just some heart beat animation or something to let us know its actually doing something. Thanks for all the great systems. I've been a customer for so many years now I can't remember the first time I bought my TMS components.

Thanks for informing.
Do I understand this is for the TMS Business products specifically or in general?
As I cannot think of a reason for the uninstallers to take more than a couple of minutes maximum.